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Layout Packages

A Document Creator Layout Package (.dcr) is a file that contains multiple layouts. Layout packages can be used to easily export/import multiple (tenant) report layouts from one Dynamics 365 Business Central database to another. Layouts that are imported from a layout package always add new layout records, rather than replacing any existing layout records.

Export / Import

You can export and import layout packages from the Report Layouts page. The Export Layout Package... and Import Layout Package... can be used for this purpose.



If layouts are found that would be overwritten during the import of a Layout Package, then the current version of the layout is automatically added to the Tenant Report Layout Archive before the package is imported, along with a comment that reads "Before Layout Package Import".


Dataset Extensions

By default, layout packages also include Dataset Extensions for the reports that the layouts apply to. If you import dataset extensions from a layout package, then any existing dataset extensions for the same report will be overwritten.

To change whether or not Dataset Extensions should be included, you can change the value of the Layout Package Contents field in the Document Creator Setup page.


Last update: March 25, 2022