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In this section you can find documentation of the changes that are made with each release for:

"Document Creator" AppLink

2.48.0 (2023-05-17) - AppLink

  • Added Production Order document reports and built-in layouts for:

    • Production Order - Job Card
    • Production Order - Mat. Requirements
    • Production Order - Shortage List

    See Reports for more information.

    Production Order New Reports

  • Added support for overriding "Format Region":

    • Via the Report Limits and Settings page:

      Formation Region on Report Limits and Settings

    • Via the report request page:

      Format Region on Report Request Page

    Added public codeunit wDCR_FormatRegion which is used in report objects to pass along the format region that should be used by the API for rendering (based on the value of CurrReport.FormatRegion).

  • Added column FormatRegion to the top-level dataitem of all report objects, which contains the value of CurrReport.FormatRegion.

  • Fixed bug in the Use Region-Independent Datasets (experimental) feature/switch: it was possible for Date and Time columns to be parsed incorrectly.
  • Replaced usages of (internal) codeunit wDCR_JITLayoutSelection with new procedures in codeunit "Design-time Report Selection" that were introduced in BC21.0. The codeunit wDCR_JITLayoutSelection has been removed.
  • Removed (obsoleted) usages of the "Document Report Mgt." event publishers which have been removed in the upcoming, next major release of BC (23.0). Using the legacy rendering engine will no longer be possible.
  • Maintenance:
    • Replaced 'integer' arguments for "log interaction" with the new "Interaction Log Entry Document Type" enum in report objects.
    • Replaced calls to "VAT Clause".GetDescription with "VAT Clause".GetDescriptionText in report objects.
    • Resolved ApplicationArea property redundancy on pages.
    • Call FindSet with only 1 parameter instead of the obsoleted second parameter.
    • Removed occurrences of the obsoleted [InDataSet] attribute.
    • Changed accessibility from internal to local for procedures that were only used in the same object.
    • Resolved miscellaneous info diagnostics.

2.46.0 (2023-05-05) - AppLink

  • Added the Usage Layout Selection field to the Apportunix Report Selection page which allows one to set up a layout selection specifically for the report selection. Note that this overrules the report object's report layout selection.
  • Added the Apportunix Report Selection page as an action on the Apportunix Role Center in the Document Creator group (besides the Setup group from the System Library).

2.44.0 (2023-04-21) - AppLink

  • Added new feature that allows you to show more line details on Prepayment Sales/Purchase Invoices/Cr. Memos. (in the extension-provided Document Creator report layouts).


    The feature can be enabled (or disabled) using the Show Prepayment Invoice/Cr. Memo Details setting on the Prepayment tab of the Document Creator Setup page (disabled by default)

  • Added TableRelation to the Tag field on the Custom Labels page, so that you can now easily select a tag from the existing ones if you want to reuse label translations.

  • Fixed a bug with the Language Code page field on the Custom Columns/Custom Labels page that would result in the record to be cleared.
  • New public procedure wDCR_LayoutSelectionMgt.wgFncSelectReportLayout(pReportID: Integer; var vRecReportLayoutList: Record "Report Layout List"; pForEmailBody: Boolean): Boolean
  • Added XML documentation to codeunit wDCR_Publishers and added event publisher wgEvpReportExecutionParameters_OnAfterGetFormattingCulture.
  • Added feature uptake telemetry.
  • Hook into new Document Mail Queue features: "Email Body Report Layout" and "Report Layout" on queue entry

2.42.0 (2023-03-16) - AppLink

  • Fix for setting a customer-/vendor-specific layout using the Layout Name field on custom report selections, e.g., via the Business Rel. Layout Selections page (resolved bug introduced with refactoring in version

2.40.0 (2023-03-15) - AppLink

  • Fix for Export Design with Edit with Data disabled from the Report Layouts page.

2.38.0 (2023-03-07) - AppLink

  • Restored Set Document Creator Defaults action on the "Apportunix Report Selection" page that was moved to the "System Library" app.
  • Fixed permissions of the 'Apportunix Doc. Creator User' permission set to grant direct execute permissions for codeunits.
  • Make the Convert Selected and Copy As Tenant Report Layout actions visible on the (legacy) Custom Report Layouts page (for conversion purposes) if Show Legacy Controls is disabled.

2.36.0 (2023-03-06) - AppLink

  • Added lblSellToAddress and SellToAddr columns to all sales document reports.
  • Removed "Apportunix Report Selection" from the "Document Creator" app in favor of the new "Apportunix Report Selection" page in the "System Library" app.
  • Clear the "Product Key" field (legacy) automatically if the license status check finds there is an active Apportunix subscription for the "Document Creator" product and the entered product key (legacy) is invalid.

2.34.0 (2023-02-21) - AppLink

  • Fixed an issue with BC online environment ODataV4/Web sessions returning invalid session locale IDs (i.e., SessionSettings.LocaleID() = 0). Procedure wDCR_Setup.wgFncGetSessionLocaleID(): Integer will now check the session's current culture if SessionSettings.LocaleID returns 0.

2.32.0 (2023-02-15) - AppLink

  • Changed the Layout Name field on the Apportunix Report Selection page to show/edit the report layout selection for the report for the current company. The previous implementation would override the report layout selection, which has now been adjusted, to avoid confusion.

  • Added Change Layout Selection action to the Layout Selection factbox.


  • The Apportunix Report Selection page (and accompanying public objects and procedures) will be moved to the "System Library" app and has therefore been obsoleted in the "Document Creator" app. The page in the "System Library" app will offer the same functionality (the 'new' page is currently hidden from search, i.e., UsageCategory = None). If you have extensions on the current "Apportunix Report Selection" page, then please mind the obsoletion warnings and adjust your extensions accordingly.

  • Added Layout App ID and Layout User Defined page fields to the Apportunix Report Selection page (hidden by default).

2.30.0 (2023-02-01) - AppLink

  • Fix for Export Design with Edit with Data disabled for a report that has dataset extensions: The dataset extension columns and data items would not be included in the .dcrd design file.

2.28.0 (2023-01-30) - AppLink

  • Fixed casing of label lblBilltoCustomerNo tag: BillToCustomerNo; in "Job Quote" report.

2.26.0 (2023-01-30) - AppLink

  • Applied partial record loading in the Dataset Extensions feature.
  • Added support for leaving the Language Code Column field blank for Custom Labels.
  • Added LanguageCode and LanguageId column to all report objects where these were not present yet.
  • Fix for company-specific PDF merges: Only call PDF Merge API if at least 1 merge is applicable for the current company
  • Added several fields and labels as columns to the "Job Quote" report object.
  • The source code of the report objects in the "Document Creator" app is now available (see Downloads).
  • The resourceExposurePolicy.allowDebugging property is now set to true in the app.json manifest file of the "Document Creator" app.

2.24.0 (2022-11-25) - AppLink

  • Fix for Use Region-Independent Datasets (experimental) feature: Parse values of Date and Time columns as DateTime (instead of BC Date and Time types).
  • Changed fonts in Service document reports and Job Quote reports to use Arial instead of Segoe UI throughout the entire document layouts (using Styles).
  • Align Sales document report layouts and use more descriptive names for bands.
  • Fix: If during Export Design (with data) the Report.SaveAs method runs into an error (e.g., an error related to Database Access Intent, such as "Cannot modify a record. Current connection intent is Read-Only."), then throw the error to present it to the user.
  • Fix: Import Layout Package would do a duplicate import (from the legacy format and new format).

2.22.0 (2022-11-18) - AppLink

  • Fix for adding custom data item when the parent data item has no existing data items yet.

2.20.0 (2022-11-03) - AppLink

  • Added Layout Name and Email Body Layout Name page fields to the Document Layouts (aka Customer/Vendor Report Selections) pages.

    Layout fields on Document Layouts

  • Added Apportunix Report Selection navigation action to the Document Layouts (aka Customer/Vendor Report Selections) pages.

  • Fixed issue with the Copy from Report Selection action. The action now also copies the values of the new page fields to the customer/vendor report selection records, if applicable.
  • Fixed issue with the Import Layout Package action which occurs when a legacy layout/report package is imported.
  • Enhanced Copy action on the Document Creator Translations page:

    • Multi-select/filter capabilities.
    • Copy translations from one tag to another.
    • Support for copying from/to language code '' (i.e., the Default Translation/Unspecified Language Translation).

      Copy Translations Report

  • Changed caption of Default Translation field to Default Translation/Unspecified Language Translation (to make more clear this concerns a translation for documents where the language code is '').

  • Added Language Name field to the Document Creator Translations Subpage.
  • Set default visibility for Last Used fields to be hidden.
  • Added the Translations subpage to the Custom Labels page.
  • Set the Enabled property of the Translations subpage to false when we are on a new line (Tag is empty).
  • Changed the drill-down for looking up columns using the Report Columns page (used in Dataset Extensions and Conditional Layout Selections) to set focus on the first record of the direct parent data item.
  • Added the Payment Discount % and Pmt. Discount Date columns to applicable sales, purchase and service document reports. Also added prepayment-related columns to the sales order confirmation document report.
  • Allow Cast Data Type = Integer for Boolean field custom columns.
  • Added Conditional Layout Selections section to the Document Creator Setup Wizard page.
  • Added ContextSensitiveHelpPage property to Conditional Layout Selections.
  • Removed the deprecated New Blank Layout action (which was replaced by the New Layout action).
  • Deprecated the VATPerc_3 column in the Sales Order Confirmation, Sales Blanket Order and Service Credit Memo reports (N.B. no plans to delete the column in the near future).
  • Fixed miscellaneous next-major build warnings.

2.18.0 (2022-10-20) - AppLink

  • Added Email Template layouts for applicable sales, purchase, service and reminder reports as built-in/extension-provided layouts.
  • Updated the Set Document Creator Defaults action in the Apportunix Report Selection page to also set the Email Body Layout field to the new built-in/extension-provided email body template layouts for all applicable document types/usages.
  • Added Bill-to/Buy-from/Pay-to/Sell-to Contact, Bill-to/Buy-from/Pay-to/Sell-to Vendor Name, Bill-to/Buy-from/Pay-to/Sell-to Vendor Formal Salutation Text, Bill-to/Buy-from/Pay-to/Sell-to Vendor Informal Salutation Text, Bill-to/Sell-to Contact No., Contact, Name fields to applicable sales, purchase, service and reminder reports.
  • Added lblEmailClosing and lblEmailIntroduction labels to applicable sales, purchase, service and reminder reports.
  • Enhancement: For some reports, if "CurrencyCode" is empty, then "CurrencySymbol" would be empty as well. CurrencySymbol will now contain the Local Currency Symbol from the General Ledger Setup. (This is something that is not properly aligned for all document types throughout the procedures provided by the Microsoft Base Application.)
  • VATClause data item added to all reports where applicable (in report object and built-in/extension-provided layout).
  • Fixed MediaSet custom columns not working anymore (bug introduced due to breaking change in the Business Central platform).
  • Added DecimalFormatter setting to the Custom Columns page for Decimal fields. You can use the format syntax as described on the Custom Numeric Format Strings and Standard Numeric Format Strings pages.
  • Fix: Added missing CastDataType field to XMLport for exporting/importing dataset extensions.
  • Enhancement for better integration with new upcoming Document Mail Queue feature for linking XML request page parameters to reports that should be e-mailed.
  • Set actions on the Document Creator User-Defined Report Layouts page to Enabled = false if the page does not contain any records.
  • Misc. small code-cleanup (e.g., fixing casing of keywords of code, removed redundant DataClassification for some fields on field-level).

2.16.0 (2022-09-12) - AppLink

  • Fixed bug in Edit without data (small bug introduced with Use Region-Independent Datasets feature)

2.14.0 (2022-09-08) - AppLink

  • New feature: Conditional Layout Selections:

    • New page: Document Creator Conditional Layout Selections

      Conditional Layout Selections

      • Layout Mappings action (and flowfield) to view and edit mappings from conditions to layouts to use for the report
      • Enabled field to disable the conditional layout selection configuration for the report
      • Export and Import action to/from an XML file
      • If there are zero mappings, then the Layout Mappings field is displayed in red.
      • Convenient actions like, Report Layouts, Run Report, View Columns, View Data Items, Dataset Extensions

    Through this page, you can set up the configurations for conditional layout selections using the following new pages:

    • New page: Conditional Layout Mappings

      Conditional Layout Mappings

      • Map conditions to a layout
      • Mappings can be company-specific (flowfield with drilldown, action, factbox):


      • If there are zero conditions, then the Conditions field is displayed in red. Note that if there are zero conditions for a layout mapping, the layout mapping will never be used.

      • There is a Description (optional) where you can leave additional information about the layout mapping.
      • Enabled field to disable the conditional layout selection configuration for the report
      • Convenient actions like, Report Layouts, Run Report, View Columns, View Data Items, Dataset Extensions
    • New page: Layout Selection Conditions

      Layout Selection Condition - Sample 1 - Constant Value

      Layout Selection Condition - Sample 2 - Filter Column

      • Allows you to specify a condition for a column value.
      • Condition Column select a column from the report dataset to put the condition on
      • Either set up a Constant Value (aka fixed value), Value Column (comparison against the value of another column) or a Filter String
      • In the Filter String field you can also use a placeholder %1 which you can use if you want to compare the value of the Condition Column with the value of another column (Value Column). For example, you can check if the Bill-to Customer No. is not equal to the Sell-to Customer No. (see example in the screenshot).
      • The Fulfillment Method field allows you to specify which records should satisfy the conditions. For example, if you want to check that all sales lines of your sales document satisfy a condition you can put this to All, while if you want to check if there is at least 1 sales line that meets the condition you can set this to Any.

        Fulfillment Method Options

      • Convenient actions like, Report Layouts, Run Report, View Columns, View Data Items, Dataset Extensions

  • The Apportunix "Document Mail Queue" app now uses the custom layout and e-mail body template layout as configured in Document Creator’s Apportunix Report Selection page (Document Creator required for this feature) (Document Mail Queue required for this feature)

  • Added Custom Columns, Custom Data Items and Custom Labels flowfield to the Document Creator Report Dataset Extensions page.

    Custom Dataset Node Count FlowFields

  • Improved duplicate custom dataset node name check to also check existing column/data item names.

  • Fixed issue preventing from opening the Custom Columns page when an app/extension whose fields were used for custom columns was uninstalled.

2.12.0 (2022-08-22) - AppLink

  • New setting Use Region-Independent Datasets which allows one to specify whether the region-dependent XML BC report dataset should be converted to a region-independent format. The standard XML dataset is generated based on the region of the user, which could lead to errors when being parsed by third-party extensions/integrations. This feature resolves this bug in BC by converting the XML dataset in a preprocessing step. (Experimental feature)

    Use Region Independent Datasets Setting

  • Updated the Document Creator Setup Wizard to allow for both Apportunix Subscription and Product Key (legacy) activation.

  • Fixed minor bug on Document Creator Setup bug which would show a notification that the product is not activated when Document Creator is activated with a product key instead of a subscription.

2.10.0 (2022-08-09) - AppLink

  • Fixed Run Report action on Document Creator User-Defined Report Layouts page (not working when report selection is absent).
  • Use the layout specified for the run of a report in the ObjectPayLoad parameter of the new OnCustomDocumentMergerEx event. If there are multiple report layouts with the same name, then a notification will be shown to the user (known limitation/bug: #18941).
  • If the HttpClient used in the Check License action fails, then show a detailed error message.
  • Check for PDF Merges when the "Owner Password" or "User Password" settings are used.
  • Abort PDF Merge if the DocStream provided by BC is empty.

2.6.0 (2022-06-27) - AppLink

  • Added support for license activation through the "Apportunix Subscriptions" page. You can now create a subscription for Document Creator directly from within Business Central, using the "Create Subscription" action on the "Apportunix Subscriptions" page. It is possible to activate the product with a product key as well (legacy).
  • The Apportunix Report Selection page has new options:

    Apportunix Report Selection page - New Features

    1. There is a new Email Body Layout Name field which allows you to select a Document Creator or Word layout to use as the e-mail body for the report selection. You can use the drill-down of this field to open up the lookup for the configured report and select a different layout to use for the e-mail body. The Use for Email Body field will automatically be checked if you select an email body layout.
    2. There is a new Layout Name field which allows you to select a different report layout to use specifically for when the report is printed via this report selection record. Note that you could use this if you would like to use the same report for different report selection records, but with different report layouts. The Reset Layout action allows you to clear the selected layout.
    3. The Use for Email Attachment field is available on this page.
    4. There is a new Business Rel. Layout Selections action which opens a new page for the selected usage that allows you to view and edit specific report selections for business relations.
  • New Business Relation Layout Selections page

    Business Relation Layout Selections Page

    1. In this page you have an overview of all business relations that have custom report/layout selections for a specific usage! (In the screenshot you see the custom sales order selections.) Normally you would need to first navigate to the customer/vendor card to view the selections per customer.
    2. This page has a Copy from Report Selection action to easily copy the 'main' settings to the selected record.
    3. You can specify an Email Body Layout Name and Layout Name for this customer/vendor specifically. You can also select Document Creator layouts for both of these, just like on the Apportunix Report Selection page.
  • Fixed weird behaviour of the Apportunix Report Selection page setting focus on the last record when the page is refreshed or saved.

  • Fixed issue with "App ID" being copied to "Layout Settings" records of user-defined report layouts when using the Copy Layout action.
  • Fixed bug that Attach as PDF (e.g., on Sales Order page) was not working for Document Creator layouts.

  • Added New Layout... action to the Report Layouts and Document Creator User-Defined Report Layouts page, which replaces the New Blank Layout... action. This action first prompts you whether you want to create a new blank layout or base your new layout on an existing built-in/extension-provided report layout. By default, it opens with Copy from built-in layout selected.

    New Layout Action

  • Added support for new export settings:

    • PDF:
      • PDF Compliance, new option: "PDF/A-2u"
    • Word:
      • Disable Section Break in Document (Default: false)
    • Excel:
      • Print Scale (Default: 10)
      • Pinned Cells in X Ordinate (Default: 0)
      • Pinned Cells in Y Ordinate (Default: 0)
      • Use Preset Print Scale (Default: true)
      • Show Gridlines (Default: true)
      • Group on Separate Sheet (Default: false)
  • Added "License Active" field to the Document Creator Setup page (with drill-down to the "Apportunix Subscriptions" page)

  • Fixed bug in reports for retrieving service costs with code longer than 10 characters.

2.4.0 (2022-05-03) - AppLink

  • Changed conversion of custom report layouts to tenant report layouts so that converted report layouts can be used in all companies. If you run the conversion now, the resulting tenant report layouts can be used in all companies, so you do not need a company-specific copy for each company.
  • Added new page Document Creator User-Defined Report Layouts which shows all Document Creator tenant report layouts with all relevant fields, factboxes and actions.
    • Note that some actions are only enabled for report layouts that are not company-specific and/or for the current company. For example, the Run Report action can only be used if the report layout is loaded by Business Central for the current company.
  • Added new Make Available to All Companies action to the Document Creator User-Defined Report Layouts page which allows you to update selected report layouts from being company-specific to being usable in all companies. You can use this action while having multiple layouts selected that are company-specific.
  • Added Company Name field to the Report Layouts page, so that you can see whether a report layout is specific to a company.
  • Raise an error/skip custom report layouts for processing-only reports in the conversion procedure.

2.2.0 (2022-04-28) - AppLink

  • Added AdditionalSearchTerms to "Report Layouts" page due to inconsistent translation of "Report Layouts" in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Added missing translation of the General tab on the "Document Creator Export Profile" page.
  • Added new event wDCR_Setup.wlEvpOnBeforeGetUserLocaleID to hook into determining the locale for the session running the report.
  • Disabled automatic data upgrade of custom report layouts to tenant report layouts due to absent tracing for upgrade codeunits in Business Central.

2.0.0 (2022-03-25) - AppLink

  • Major release compatible with the major revisions to reporting in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 release wave 1 release (April 1st, 2022, version 20.0)

    • All features are now available on the new Report Layouts page.


    • Document Creator report layouts have "Layout Format" External and "MIME Type" reportlayout/dcrx.


    • "New Blank Layout" and "Copy Layout" actions added.


    • Layout packages support the new system report layout tables, but also allow export and import to/from older BC/Document Creator versions.

    • Conversion from Custom Report Layouts to Tenant Report Layouts (manually from the Custom Report Layouts page and automatically when upgrading from a previous version of Document Creator)
    • Legacy features hidden by default, can be made visible again with setting Show Legacy Controls on the Document Creator Setup, but note that these are useless as the platform does not support the old events anymore unless the EnableReportLegacyWordRender setting is enabled on the BC server instance (which is only possible in an on-premise installation)
    • Updated permission sets
    • Updated translations of the Document Creator app
    • Updated manual
  • Included document report objects in the Document Creator app including built-in/extension-provided, default (Document Creator) layouts.

  • Added the Apportunix Report Selection page, which allows you to manage all report selections in a single page.


  • Added the Layout Selection factbox page that allows you to view which layout is used for each company for the target report of the currently selected record.


  • Added Report Settings for the Document Creator reports.



  • Added Report Substitutions feature that allows one to replace one report with another, for document types that do not have a document report selection available.


1.44.0 (2022-02-18) - AppLink

  • Added support for company-specific PDF merges (e.g., stationeries, attachments per company)


  • Added Include Individual Layout Files setting to the Document Creator Setup page. When enabled exported layout packages will also include the individual .dcrx Document Creator layout files in the archive. (Disabled by default)


  • Added confirmation dialog for overwriting dataset extension on import.

  • Different default file name for dataset extension XML export if only 1 dataset extension is selected (include report ID + caption).
  • Resolved infinite recursion if node name in dataset extension was empty (which could only happen through an (erronous) export/import).
  • Skip dataset extensions in export/import if essential fields are missing.
  • Generate different default file name for Layout Packages if only 1 report layout is selected (include report ID + caption).
  • Added Document Creator Setup Wizard to search.
  • Added Open Setup Wizard action to the Document Creator Setup page.


  • Changed image for the Download Designer action.

  • Fixed video link in Assisted Setup to use an embed video link.

1.42.0 (2022-01-14) - AppLink

  • Added Export Dataset... action to all Dataset Extensions pages to generate a report dataset and export it to an XML file.


  • Added a Custom Report Layouts action to Custom Columns/Labels/Data Items pages to view or edit the Document Creator layouts for the report.

  • Added an Enum Inspector action to the Dataset Extensions "Filter Set" page to lookup members for enum table fields and view their ordinals, names and captions.

    i. Invoke the Enum Inspector action:


    ii. Select the enum table field for which you want to view the members and choose OK.


    iii. The members of the enum will be shown in a list page.


  • Added Run Report action to the Document Creator Report Dataset Extensions page.

  • Added an Export Profile action to the Custom Report Layouts page.
  • Set Scope = Repeater for various page actions.
  • Fixed issue in Dataset Extension feature where a thousands separator was used for decimals which is not handled well for some user regions.
  • Fix: Made sure that the PDF Merge feature also works in combination with the "Document Creator On-Premise" app.

1.40.0 (2022-01-11) - AppLink

  • New feature: Use PDF files as stationeries or append PDF files to your document report PDF outputs.

    • Note that PDF merges incur additional time and usage costs for report generation.
    • See PDF Merges for more information.


  • Fixed issue in Dataset Extension feature caused by passing decimals in XML format rather than passing them in the (incorrect) format that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central adheres to (i.e., dependent on user culture/region) that is not in line with the XML standards.

  • Added "Document Creator Layouts" page view to the Custom Report Layouts page.


  • Added Document Creator pages to the Apportunix rolecenter.


  • Added tiles to the Apportunix rolecenter.


  • Added in-app guided tour for the Dataset Extensions "Filter Set" page.


  • Use new AL-defined permission set WSB_DCR (with automatic data upgrade/migration).


  • Updated code for Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 wave 2 (e.g., resolved deprecation warnings).

    • The app now takes a dependency on the "System Library", "Monet" and "PDF Merge" app to offer the newly added features.

1.36.0 (2021-11-18) - AppLink

  • Added parameter pCduTempBlobOutputDoc: Codeunit "Temp Blob" to event wgEvpReportExecution_OnAfterSendReportRequest that allows one to get the output document from Document Creator.

1.34.0 (2021-11-03) - AppLink

  • Added various new event publishers to the app to hook into report execution (found in codeunit wDCR_Publishers).
  • Added various new event publishers to customize file names, hook into the custom report layout archive functions and fast report layout selection.
  • Marked various objects and procedures with ObsoleteState=Pending.

1.30.0 (2021-08-23) - AppLink

  • New feature: Linking custom data items/columns to other custom columns in report dataset extensions. You can now go multiple levels deep with adding new columns and data items, now allowing you to include custom columns in filters.
  • Shifted Document Creator Report Dataset Extensions to DataPerCompany=false. An upgrade option is available from a notification in the role center and the Document Creator Report Dataset Extensions page.
  • Added Assisted Setup entry with Document Creator Setup Wizard.
  • Added field "Custom Node Count" to Filter Sets to allow you to check the number of custom nodes the filter set is being used by.
  • Added "Test Filters" action that checks if your filters are incomplete or otherwise invalid. This same check is now also performed when reports are run, and if any errors are detected in the filters, then report execution will be aborted.
  • Implemented Restrictions in filter sets.
  • It is now possible to Cast boolean-, date- and option-/enum-fields for custom columns to different datatypes, e.g., use the caption of an option/enum or its numeric (integer) value. The translation for the column is based on the language specified through the "Language Code" column (which applies to all custom columns of the data item).
  • The lookup for a filter's "Value Column" is now filtered on data type (by default).
  • Fix for "Export Design" (without data) not working when dataset extensions exist for the report.
  • Added "Remove Missing Datasources" setup field, to specify whether datasources and their relations should be removed automatically when the corresponding data items are removed from the report (Default: true).
  • Updated XmlPort for importing/exporting translations to allow for note and context tags in trans-units.
  • Updated telemetry for full + device user count.

1.28.0 (2021-05-14) - AppLink

  • New feature: Export / Import Document Creator translations to/from XLIFF translation files.


  • Fixes for Document Creator Report Dataset Extensions features:

    • Blob fields should be calculated.
    • Boolean fields should be formatted in XML format.
  • Apportunix logo

1.26.0 (2021-03-22) - AppLink

  • New feature: Document Creator Report Dataset Extensions!

    Add your own columns, translatable labels and data items to reports from within your Business Central client without any report(extension) development!

    For more information, see: Dataset Extensions

  • Changed permission set description to "Apportunix Document Creator".

1.24.0 (2021-02-01) - AppLink

  • The Document Creator Setup now includes a new Fall Back on Default Language setting. When this setting is enabled, Document Creator will fall back on the translation for the configured default language code if a translation for a language could not be found. trial

  • The Export Design action now remembers report request page settings.

  • The Document Creator extension can now also be used in Sandbox Docker containers without a product key.
  • The Document Creator app now has a transparent logo.
  • Fix: Show warning about Translation Update Usage setting only once.

1.20.0 (2020-08-28) - AppLink

  • Rebranding to Apportunix
  • Enable Cloud Printers

1.18.0 (2020-05-28) - AppLink

  • Added new Document Creator Export Profile settings:
    • PDF - New PDF-Compliance option: PDF/A-1a
    • Word - Print Optimized; Do not expand shift return
    • Excel - Print Optimized; Split Pages; Font Scale; Print Scaling

1.16.0 (2020-03-23) - AppLink

  • Updates to target application 16.0 (Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 release Wave 1)
  • Added action "Check License" to Document Creator Setup page for Production environments
  • On-premise only: License check now also reports mismatch of the active and licensed BC Serial No.

1.12.0 (2020-02-14) - AppLink

  • The demo/trial version is now active in Sandbox environments, also without a product key. Reports generated from a Sandbox environment will have a DEMO watermark.
  • A new setting "Format Locale" is available on the Document Creator Setup page. With this setting you can specify regional settings, such as date and numeric format, that Document Creator should use.
  • Show a message to on-premise users to inform about the requirement to install the additional "Document Creator On-Premise" extension for on-premise usage.

1.10.0 (2019-12-13) - AppLink

1.8.0 (2019-11-28) - AppLink

  • Initial public release.

"Document Creator On-Premise" AppLink

1.44.0 (2023-03-08) - OnPremLink

  • Resolved incompatibility version with "Document Creator" version

1.42.0 (2022-08-09) - OnPremLink

  • Implemented grace period for failing online license check; Online license check only once a day.
  • Adjustments to RDLC Layout Converter for BC 20 (convert to new Tenant Report Layout table records)
  • Adjustments for direct printing on BC 20.2 and up (get printer name from ObjectPayLoad parameter supplied by OnCustomDocumentMergerEx event)

1.40.0 (2022-02-18) - OnPremLink

  • Dataset extensions are also applied for direct printing.

1.38.0 (2022-01-14) - OnPremLink

  • Added "Export Design" action to RDLC Report Layout Conversion page.
  • Added add-in installation notification to the Custom Report Layouts page as well.
  • Moved to permission set extension for WSB_DCR AL-defined permission set.
  • Apportunix rolecenter extensions:
    • "Document Creator Redirect Printer List"
    • "RDLC Report Layout Conversion"

1.36.0 (2021-11-18) - OnPremLink

  • Added new event wgEvpReportExecutionOnPrem_OnBeforeHandlePrintReport to "Document Creator On-Premise" to hook into direct printing.
  • Updated permission set for "Document Creator On-Premise"
  • Updated message for failed license check for "Document Creator On-Premise"

1.34.0 (2021-11-03) - OnPremLink

  • Change how Database Name is retrieved for on-premise to address issue with importing/exporting layout packages when working with an AzureSQL server database.
  • Fixed online license check for on-premise installations.

1.32.0 (2021-10-11) - OnPremLink

1.30.0 (2021-08-23) - OnPremLink

  • A notification is displayed if the Document Creator Control Add-In still needs to be installed. You can invoke the installation from the notification.

1.24.0 (2021-02-01) - OnPremLink

  • The columns in the dataset (e.g., Date-columns) use the culture that corresponds with the user's region that is configured in his/her Business Central settings. When a report is generated we are now passing this data culture along.
  • The way fields are formatted (e.g., using "," vs. ".") on layouts is determined by the culture of the server. The Format Locale setting is now also available/visible and used for On-Premise so this can also be set to a different culture without changing the server's culture settings.
  • Fix: "E-mail Product Updates" not sent to the API in Document Creator On-Premise for BC15 and up.

1.20.0 (2020-08-28) - OnPremLink

  • Rebranding to Apportunix
  • Enable On-Premise Direct Printing
  • On-premise demo version: Do not show BC license mismatch warning

1.16.0 (2020-03-23) - OnPremLink

  • License check now also reports mismatch of the active and licensed BC Serial No.

1.12.0 (2020-02-14) - OnPremLink

  • Show a notification to on-premise users to inform about the requirement to install the additional "Document Creator On-Premise" extension for on-premise usage.

1.8.0 (2019-11-28) - OnPremLink

  • Initial public release.

Report Engine and DesignerLink

1.39.0 (2023-04-11) - EngineLink

  • Fixed issue with base engine font caching implementation which could lead to a concurrency issue

1.37.0 (2023-03-27) - EngineLink

  • Added a Report Validation Feature which will display errors and warnings in the "Validation" window, which help users to easily find and avoid errors and omissions in their report layouts:

    • The warnings that may be shown cover undesirable object configurations that may cause graphical errors when exported or previewed, such as intersecting objects, objects that are outside the parent object's boundaries and objects with zero height and width.
    • The errors that may be shown cover erronous object configurations that will lead to errors when exported or previewed, such as missing/empty object names or conflicting object names.

    Validation-Window * Added a Layout XML editor tab, which allows advanced users to directly view and edit the XML contents of a report layout in the designer. This editor tab is hidden by default, but can be enabled via View | Options | Layout XML page using the Enable setting. * The built-in Format functions in the designer now respect the "Format Locale". * Improvements to the advanced HTML renderer (TextRenderType = HtmlAdvanced) * Fixed render issue where letters would overlap because of a caching bug. * Fixed bug where linebreaks (<br/>) would be positioned incorrectly. * Center paragraph (<p>) auto-margin, instead of bottom-only. * Fixed bug where CanGrow would be miscalculated. * Made the Text Editor form a bit larger by default. * Updated base report engine and designer (2023.1.8)

1.35.0 (2022-12-19) - EngineLink

  • Automatically expand Data Sources tree in the Text editor form (on first start).
  • Preserve data view search after report layout is modified.
  • Fixed "Parameter not found" message after editing Style of TextObject.
  • Fixed "IndexOutOfRangeException" bug that occurs with certain fonts (e.g., Segoe UI, Bolds + Italics).
  • Fixed issue with font cache.
  • Ensure that the data culture is used when the Format property is set to General.

1.34.0 (2022-08-11) - EngineLink

  • Omit background-color css-attribute for transparent elements in HTML-export.
  • Append /production to username send to API from designer for on-premise designer activation.

1.33.0 (2022-06-28) - EngineLink

  • Fixed bug with expressions caused by PageNumberInfo class not marked Serializable

1.32.0 (2022-06-27) - EngineLink

  • Added support for activation/authentication with the API via an Apportunix account, next to Product key authentication.
  • You can now activate the designer with an Apportunix account. (Credentials are stored in the Windows Credential Manager.)
  • Added MoveCssInline option to the HTML API for better support of e-mail bodies.
  • When you export a layout file (.dcrx) from the designer, while working from a design file (.dcrd), the suggested file name will be based on the design file name.
  • Updated base report engine and designer:
    • Added new "Visual Studio" styled icons. You can switch between icon packs in the "View | Options | User Interface" tab (or, "File/Options/User Interface" if you use ribbon UI). The new icons are well suited for HiDPI screens.
    • New option to search in the Data window.
    • Added new "Expand All" and "Collapse All" options in the Data window.
    • Added "AutoWidth" property to the Basic properties
    • Added "ShiftMode" property to the Basic properties
    • New "Backlight intersecting objects" setting
    • New "Simplified display of DB fields" setting.
    • New "Advanced Matrix" object type.
    • New "Container" object type.
    • New property: PictureObject.ImageSourceExpression, which allows to set an expression that contains the image.
    • New property: PictureObject.ImageFormat, which allows to select the image storage format.
    • New property: ReportPage.ExportAlias, which allows to set the page name when exporting to Excel.
    • New barcode types:
      • ITF-14
      • Deutsche Post Identcode
      • Deutsche Post Leitcode
      • SberBank QR code
      • Japanese Post 4 - State Code
      • GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional
      • GS1 DataBar Limited
      • GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional
      • GS1 Databar Stacked
    • The algorithm for converting RTF to report objects has been significantly improved.
    • Added HiDPI support.
    • Added the ability to add pictures or text by dragging and dropping from a browser
    • New PDF/A-2u export-format
    • New "Pinned Cells" option for Excel-exports.
    • Fixed a bug where the designer crashes when the "StartNewPage" property is enabled for a PageHeader child band.
  • Product keys containing whitespace are now rejected by the API

1.31.0 (2022-04-05) - EngineLink

  • Added support for HTML-exports to the API
  • Improved report rendering error messages by including the expression text in the message.
  • The VisibleExpression property is hidden for ReportPage objects in the designer.
  • Uprade to ASP.NET 6 and EF6

1.30.0 (2021-11-16) - EngineLink

  • On-Premise: By default use the default printer settings instead of the printer settings as defined in the layout.

1.29.0 (2021-07-28) - EngineLink

  • Automatically remove missing datasources by default
  • Make file-access errors more user-friendly
  • Show Design File Name in the window title bar
  • Data View Form: Subscribe to SizeChanged event at the end of the constructor to prevent potential resize issue.

1.28.0 (2021-05-14) - EngineLink

  • Apportunix Logo

1.27.0 (2021-03-22) - EngineLink

  • Document Creator Design (.dcrd) files are updated immediately after the user hits 'Save' (Save button, or Ctrl+S).

1.26.0 (2021-02-26) - EngineLink

  • Time out has been increased to 60 seconds.

1.25.0 (2021-02-15) - EngineLink

  • Data Culture and Formatting Culture added as properties for On-Premise.

1.24.0 (2021-02-11) - EngineLink

  • Rebranding to Apportunix.

1.23.0 (2021-01-14) - EngineLink

  • The standalone designer now has the option to start a free (14-day) trial:


1.22.0 (2020-12-11) - EngineLink

  • The standalone designer now offers the following two commands:

    • Save As... - Save the design file (.dcrd) to a different location.
    • Export Layout As... - Save the layout file, as .dcrx (default) or .frx file, to a different location.


  • Cosmetic fix: The open file dialog now shows *.dcrd as the default file name.

  • The 'Watermark' class is marked as Serializable to prevent issues when it is used in codebehind.

1.20.0 (2020-08-28) - EngineLink

  • Updated base report engine to 2020.3.0
  • Fixed issue with changing color of object via dropdown

1.19.0 (2020-06-04) - EngineLink

  • Fixed issue with VisibleExpression not always working due to serialization issue (SaaS)

1.18.0 (2020-05-28) - EngineLink

  • Updated base report engine to 2020.2.13
  • Support for new PDF/Word/Excel export-settings

1.17.0 (2020-02-13) - EngineLink

  • Added a demo/trial version of the report engine that will produce reports with a DEMO watermark.
  • Added option to change the format culture that will be used by the report engine.
  • Fixed issue with the PrintOnBottom property not working as expected in some cases, e.g., in combination with RepeatOnEveryPage property.
  • The standalone designer now properly refreshes datasources, relations and parameters and also sorts the columns in alphabetical order again.

1.16.0 (2020-01-20) - EngineLink

  • Fixed an issue with decimals not being parsed correctly when reports were printed under a region with decimal formatting different from the report engine server.

1.15.0 (2019-11-20) - EngineLink

  • Initial public release (for BC SaaS).

Templates (Legacy)Link

This section states the changes to the "Document Creator W1 Templates" app, which serve as templates, including source code. If you are working with BC 20.0 and up and like to get started right away, please use the reports in the "Document Creator" app instead and use the Dataset Extensions feature (or reportextension objects) to add additional fields, labels and data items where needed.

1.28.0 (2022-02-18) - ReportsLink

  • Added Tracking Specification information of source documents to Warehouse Document reports, accounting for partial shipments.
    • Added ItemLedgerEntryNo, QtyToHandleBase and QuantityHandledBase columns to reports accordingly.
  • Added TotAmountInclVAT column to reports.
  • Added translated CompanyCountryRegionName column to reports.
  • Added PromisedDeliveryDate, RequestedDeliveryDate header columns to reports.
  • Added translated ItemDescription column to reports.
  • Fix for resetting ReverseChargeVATExists column.
  • Removed obsoleted procedures.
  • Sort columns, procedures and variables.

1.24.0 (2021-11-26) - ReportsLink

  • Added primary key fields for all data items.
  • Updated for Business Central 2021 wave 2 (19.x)
  • Removed deprecated and deleted CrossReferenceNo columns.
  • Added CurrencyCode and CurrencySymbol columns to reports.
  • Added ReverseChargeVATExists column to Total dataitem in reports.
  • Added VATCalculationType as text and integer to various reports.
  • Obsoleted wlFncCalcVATAmountLines that had wrong scope.

1.22.0 (2021-10-11) - ReportsLink

  • Added Tracking Specification for Header and Lines to Assembly Order and Posted Assembly Order report.
  • Changed DataPerCompany to false for "Document Creator Report Templates Setup" table. Schema Sync. Mode "Force" ❗ required when updating from 1.20.0.
  • Updated setup manual.

1.20.0 (2021-09-23) - ReportsLink

  • New report:
    • Job Quote
  • Added Custom Selections for "Job Quote" and "Service Item Worksheet" in "Document Creator Report Templates Setup" page.
  • Show Lot/Serial No. defaults to true if no request page is used.
  • New columns added to reports related to VAT-handling (Positive, VATBusPostingGroup, VATCalculationType, VATProdPostingGroup, lblIntraCommDeliveryText)
  • Always add VAT Amount Lines even if total VAT Amount is zero. Update filters and visible expressions in layouts accordingly.
  • Add Tracking Spec. to Posted Warehouse Shipment report.
  • Date Text Format as enum with descriptive captions
  • Added "Document Creator Report Templates Setup" as Manual Setup entry.

1.18.0 (2021-08-23) - ReportsLink

  • New report:
    • Sales Pro Forma Invoice
  • Draft Invoice without Document Type filter (DocumentTypeNo added)
  • Company fields ((VAT) Registration No.) through dedicated procedures
  • VATPerc and VATClauseCode added to Lines
  • QtyToInvoice added to Lines
  • Removed unused variables
  • SourceDocumentAsNo + SourceSubtypeNo added to Whse. Docs

1.16.0 (2021-06-14) - ReportsLink

  • New report:
    • Sales Work Order
  • Added new formatted Line Date text columns to all reports
  • Added LanguageId column to all reports
  • Added (Sales/Purch./Blanket) Order (Line) No. as column to reports
  • Added (Order) Quantity Shipped + Outstanding Quantity to Sales Shipment report
  • Added TrackingSpec dataitem (i.e., Serial + Lot Nos.) on Sales Return Order Confirmation and Sales Credit Memo

1.14.0 (2021-04-06) - ReportsLink

  • New reports:
    • Issued Fin. Charge Memo
    • Sales Blanket Order
    • Purchase Blanket Order
    • Transfer Order
    • Transfer Shipment
    • Transfer Receipt
    • Sales Order Pick Instruction (Sales Picklist)
  • Fix Purch. reports using Sales Comment Line
  • Fields Item Tariff No. and Country of Origin added to Shipment and Receipt reports
  • Fields Prepayment Order No. and Prepayment Invoice added
  • Moved PageFooter contents to CopyLoop_Footer in layouts
  • Updated translations
  • Changed to Apportunix logo
  • Added "Document Creator Report Templates Setup" page, which includes:
    • Action "Update Report Selections" to set all report selections to the Document Creator Template Reports.
    • Setting to enable loading item pictures in the reports.
    • Setting to change the header dates to a different format.

1.12.0 (2021-02-11) - ReportsLink

  • Added Warehouse and Assembly Report Templates.
  • Added Contact Fields on all reports.
  • Misc. implementation enhancements.

1.10.0 (2020-11-06) - ReportsLink

  • Added Service Report Templates.
  • Use a global procedure to determine the Date text-formatting that should be used for the date-columns in the reports.
  • Resolved warnings from the latest AL compiler.

1.8.0 (2020-08-28) - ReportsLink

  • Rebranding to Apportunix.

1.6.0 (2020-02-13) - ReportsLink

  • Added a variety of columns and labels to the report objects.
  • Fixed an issue with the Format-property of the TotalAmountInclVAT TextObject.
  • Applied the LineHeightAuto property to a majority of the layout TextObjects.

1.4.0 (2019-10-22) - ReportsLink

  • Initial public release.

Last update: May 17, 2023